Breaking Points: 7/26/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar look at the polling data on the Biden presidency, Tucker Carlson’s spying claim, Pentagon budget increase, Andrew Cuomo getting let off, Hunter Biden’s art sales, incompetent vaccine politics, what the corporate press ignores, and more! You can now watch the video from your Supercast member dashboard here: Merch: Timestamps: Biden Polling: 0:0018:37 Tucker/NSA: 18:3829:06 Pentagon: 29:0737:37 Cuomo: 37:3846:19 Hunter: 46:2056:14 Saagar: 56:151:07:29 Krystal: 1:07:301:18:03 Derek Thompson: 1:18:041:33:58

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