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Debunking the Lies About Garrett Foster

Garrett Foster was a evil marxist who wanted to hurt people: 00:57 The road was blocked/Perry had no other options: 02:20 Lies about the shooting: 06:34 Garrett was pointing his gun at Perry: 07:08 How Garrett was standing exactly: 08:10 Garrett Foster yelling for people to back up 10:00 Calling out performative lefties who have abandoned Garrett: 14:30 My display capture failed half way through, RIP Endless, never ending lies about the Garrett Foster situation from the gun community, from conservatives, and others. Throwing one of their own under the bus for lies, tribalism, and stupidity. We’re breaking those down one at a time here. And at the end calling out some of the performative left for standing ontop of his grave for clicks, only to throw him under the bus when they found out here was a Boog.

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