Culture Wars/Current Controversies

A Tale of Two Americas

By Bruce Frohnen Chronicles

We are a nation and people at war with itself. Politically, this war plays out over issues of electoral irregularities, progressive dictates, and the questioning of COVID lockdowns. Yet this division is more than a political divide; it represents a fundamental shift in the character of our people or, rather, our splitting into two separate peoples with two fundamentally different characters. Worse, only one of these characters is capable of self-government in a free, constitutional republic.

Without for a moment denying the factual basis of complaints made by conservatives and other traditional Americans about the handling of COVID and elections, I propose we set aside resentment against unequal treatment. Instead, we should focus on a deeper problem stemming from America’s “blue-red” division.

Progressives feel justified punishing supposedly disloyal Americans who try to defend electoral integrity, personal responsibility, and institutions such as the family. Progressives believe that these traditions are not suited to the new order they’ve built over the last several generations.


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