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Pedro Gonzalez on “Trump Versus the Managerial State”

Broadcast live on Friday, October 30, 2020. This week’s Backchannel features Pedro Gonzalez, Chronicles contributor (and now Associate Editor) and (former) American Greatness assistant editor, discussing his piece “The Poor Man’s Sam Francis” from the October 2020 issue of Chronicles magazine. Gonzalez will discuss Francis’s theory of the managerial revolution, the neglected “Middle America”, its influence on Trump, his view of the coming election, and the future of the Republican Party and conservatism.

Gonzalez writes in Chronicles:

“Consider America’s situation today. Law-abiding Americans are technically still living under draconian, nationwide lockdowns under the pretense of fighting a deadly pathogen. Simultaneously, the cities they live in were subjected to racially motivated rioting, in which mob members conspicuously flouted public health guidelines, engaging in vandalism, assault, arson, murder, and mayhem, with the tacit acceptance of government and the media. The contradictory nature of this situation was predicted long ago by Francis, writing in [Chronicles] in July 1994.”

About the Presenter

Pedro Gonzalez is Associate Editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture (formerly of American Greatness, at time of this broadcast). His writings have appeared in Fox News, The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, FrontpageMag, RealClearPolicy, and California Political Review.

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