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The Woke Idiots Are Everywhere – And They Control The Message

By Peter R. Quinones

“Oh c’mon Pete, this is a great Tweet. What’s your problem?!” Well, my problem is that I happen to know that the one state where you would think the Libertarian Party (LP) would be based as fuck is instead a bunch of woke-bougie-progs. Yes, the Lone Star State, where “everything is bigger,” has a “big” problem with members suffering from the “woke cancer” plaguing the culture.

This Tweet by the LP Texas is not an anti-government message. It is meant to deflect away from the fact that they endorse Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in schools. They just mentioned the government to suck in those who will instinctively be like, “Oh, an anti-government Tweet, I smash like button.” No, these woke progressives disguising themselves as libertarians know exactly what they’re doing and managed to get many people I respect to just hit like and retweet because that’s what we do unconsciously.


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