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Change In New Hampshire Libertarian Party

Apparently, there is a civil war going on in some of the state Libertarian Parties. I have no idea what it’s about, but my first impression is that it’s about which side the LP should take in the Red/Blue sectarian civil war.

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

During the last two months I have watched a hostile take-over happen to an organization that was fighting for the equality and freedom of every individual in this state. An organization that wanted to see all people treated with respect, to have the liberty to choose freedom.  I believed that with these same goals we could learn to work together.

I confess that I was wrong.  I have watched secret plots occurring and been shushed about it and advised that I was simply misunderstanding, and that non-supportive behavior on my part would not be tolerated. Meanwhile, these same individuals have made public statements about their intention to rid my organization of those who had fought to build it over all these years in this state.  Their strategy of so-called “bold messaging” is not designed to promote freedom and educate people on how to peacefully take back the freedoms guaranteed to them in the Constitution.  Their strategy is, frankly, designed to discredit the Libertarian Party in the state and in our nation.


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  1. I’m not too up on it either, but the Mises Caucus and more radical elements seem to be trying to take control. Meanwhile the old guard is decrying them as racists, and trying to hold out for more of the same that has been for the last few cycles.

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