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Militia plotted ‘war’ against California cops, impersonating Antifa, taking up arms if Trump invoked Insurrection Act, feds say

By Nate Gartrell, San Jose Mercury News

Members included alleged cop killer Steven Carrillo.

OAKLAND — In the weeks before a gunman allegedly killed two officers in separate shootings last year, prosecutors say he and other members of an extremist militia known as the Grizzly Scouts held firearms trainings, scouted protests, and laid out terms of “war” against police.

In recent court filings, federal prosecutors in the Bay Area have revealed the most extensive details yet on the investigation into the May 29, 2020 fatal shooting of Federal Protective Service Officer Dave Patrick Underwood in Oakland, and the June 6, 2020 killing of Santa Cruz Sheriff Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller in an ambush in Ben Lomond.

The documents paint a picture of the alleged shooter, Steven Carrillo, not as a lone actor but a member of a Northern California-based anti-government organization that — in its rhetoric and actions — was preparing for deadly attacks on law enforcement. The Grizzly Scouts — most of whom are still at large — identify with a loosely-affiliated, nationwide militia movement that uses the name “Boogaloo” and favors Hawaiian shirts and violent rhetoric, but the Scouts’ activities appear to be more carefully plotted.

The court filings were submitted in the case against four other alleged Grizzly Scouts members, including the group’s leader, who are accused of destroying evidence relevant to the Underwood and Gutzwiller murder investigations. They were written as part of a failed attempt to keep all four defendants in jail pending trial; a federal magistrate ultimately decided three of them were not a danger to the community nor a flight risk.



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