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The Inevitability of Tribalism and Sectarianism

I’m undecided as to whose in-fighting is the most comical: libertarians, leftists, or the alt-right. I would view all of the people and groups mentioned in these memes as the equivalent of tribal leaders or clerics leading their own tribes and sects, with each of these tribes or sects overlapping with, adjacent to or being a subset of the meta-level Red Tribe, Blue Tribe, Gray Tribe, “Hidden Tribes,” 100 million Tribe, etc., etc. We’re no different than Iraq in that regard.

As a pan-decentralist, pan-voluntaryist, I’d say each of these tribes/sects of libertarianism can have their own intentional community, commune, city-state, or whatever. Gary North can even have his “Handmaid’s Tale” version of Disneyland if he wants, assuming he can find anyone to actually go along with that. Maybe there can be Khmer Rouge intentional communities. They had some of the coolest of the commie music.

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