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Words That Mean Nothing

Reading “cancel culture denialism” articles from the left is like reading “police brutality denialism” articles from the right (e.g. Heather McDonald, Ben Shapiro, etc.). “Cancel culture” is supposedly just all about being nice to disadvantaged people, and pigs are all just wonderful people jerking off for the next opportunity to “serve and protect.”

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times

Our political discourse is dominated by issues that don’t exist.

Much of the time that we think we are talking about ​issues,” we are actually talking about words. One side will argue against one definition of a word, while the other side argues in favor of a different definition of a word. Each side can claim that the other is not addressing the issue, because the issue is defined differently on each side. In this way, political debate can carry on unimpeded by any barriers of mutually agreed upon terms, like separate superhighways rushing on at full speed in opposite directions. This characterizes a large amount of political discourse in this country: Torrents of people talking about different things, all of whom assume that they are talking about the same things.


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