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VIDEO: Marjorie Taylor Greene Against Removal of Hitler Statues

She’s crazy, but I don’t necessarily disagree with her on this. I think the decision concerning what public monuments to have should be made by the people who actually live in a community and pay for the upkeep of the community. But the wave of statuephobia we have seen in recent years seems silly and unnecessary and is often driven by less than benign impulses. These conflicts essentially involve wars between different religions trying to desecrate each other’s symbols and shrines. That kind of thing usually doesn’t have a happy ending. She’s speaking hypothetically, arguing that she would oppose the removal of any kind of statues/monuments for any reason, which I tend to agree with. She even says she would oppose the removal of a satanic monument, which is impressive given that she is probably some kind of Christian evangelical.

–A video is resurfaced of Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from 2020 claiming that she would oppose the removal of statues of Adolf Hitler.

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