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White Nationalism as a Deracinated Subculture

This is a pretty interesting academic presentation on the “white nationalist” subculture. Ironically, the anarchist and “white power” subcultures mirror each other in many ways, however much they may hate each other.

This video is dedicated to all post-alt-righters, and for those who still think anti-liberalism, and the word “white,” means “suburban nationalism.” White Nationalist are not gaining momentum and are about to embrace a long decade of regression. The solidified events: UTR, Biden, coming to age against youthful subcultures, (and the most important) the exposure of capitalist grifters in the scene. This is the end of hipster racism.

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  1. This guy is dumb, sounds like a Tim Wise disciple. Reality of oppressive antiwhite power is forcing people into white nationalism, it is not that white nationalism is necessarily appealing until the jewish media force people into it. The pocs will take the opportunity to get jewish money to get one over on ‘whitey’ and the anti whiteness is at a fever pitch, with idiots like this tool with his bachelor’s degree in deconstructing everything but the jewish power orchestrating all this.

    That said no one wants to live around blacks. But only jews are allowed their ethnic nationalism, they even get their own police in NYC to keep the swartzers away. Fuck this cringe pretentious bourgeois clown. I hope BLM come and drag him from his house.

    • What if he did a lecture on jewish power and jewish supremacism… oh he would no longer be welcome in academia… these clowns have no legitimate voice anymore and this lame lecture is nothing but strawmanning, within the first two minutes characterizing white nationalists as mentally ill. Do a lecture on mentally ill, psychotic jewish ideologues in the halls of pwer, I dare you! No, it is much safer to disparage hillbillies!

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