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How Do You Handle Being Falsely Accused?

By Peter R. Quinones

As an adult, and more importantly, acting like one (for the most part), I am very quick to apologize for and acknowledge my mistakes. When you are as “extremely online” as I am, you’re bound to make a few, and some of those may come in the form of false accusations. I admit I have made a few but they were made out of ignorance. I have never just “made something up” to make someone look bad. The same cannot be said of my enemies. When I recently appeared on Reed Coverdale’s “Naturalist Capitalist” YouTube channel, a member of the Libertarian Party “Loser Brigade” (those critical of the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus, LPMC) accused me of calling for violence against “trans people” and claimed to have receipts. She was adamant that she “always brings receipts.” What she presented were screenshots from Facebook in which I was critical of her far-left, positive-rights based political views. I guess in her mind, being critical of trans people is also calling for violence to be carried out against them.

I bring up this incident because the same person who made false accusations against me made a post that was supposed to be critical of the finances of the LPMC which are public on the Federal Election Commission’s website. Here’s the post:


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