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‘It’s The Little Things” – That Set Me Off!

By Peter R. Quinones

As I was coming out of the grocery store today I saw one of the blue, “will not provide protection against COVID” masks on the ground. I see them discarded on the ground all the time and I ask myself, if this virus is so deadly, why aren’t there hazardous materials baskets everywhere to dispose of them properly? Why would people be allowed to reuse the same mask all day? On the face, off the face, on and off, all day long. When you stop to think about the answers to those questions, jettisoning all of the emotion and dogma that has grown around this “pandemic,” you realize there are no answers that make sense.

Should you happen to get into a conversation with a Mask-hole, it is easy to get them to admit that they are aware that even with both of you wearing masks, there is still no guarantee transmission won’t happen. Again, if this is the modern day equivalent of the Black Plague, why are you even risking leaving your house? By admitting there is still a chance of getting the virus while wearing a face diaper, these people give up their moral “high ground” because now they become a threat to you as they may be a carrier, shedder, or whatever scare term they’re using this week. This is all daft.


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