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The 40% Domestic Violence Number Is Alarming, But They’ll Kill 100% Of You

By Peter R. Quinones

As Stateless Productions enters the production phase of our new documentary, “America’s Police Crisis,” I can’t get the subject of police brutality out of my head. When people hear the term “police brutality,” depending on their background, they may start to question whether the issue is overblown. They tend to argue police are under extreme stress, have to make split second decisions and deal with the worst in society. However, was the suffocation of Eric Garner an accident? Was the execution of Daniel Shaver a mistake? Was the murder of Atatiana Jefferson through the window of her home just bad judgment? Was the killing of Botham Jean in his kitchen an oopsy?

Many like myself who study State monopoly policing will most likely discover an article from 2014 in which Conor Friedersdorf revealed that 40% of police households experience domestic violence, compared to 10% of the population. There is even further cause for alarm as personal interviews of police officers found even greater instances of officers admitting to injuring family members. What this shows is that domestic violence is 4X as likely to happen in the home of a law enforcement officer than in a normal domestic setting. That should make you question what the character of people who choose that profession is. It could also make one ponder what the career of law enforcement is doing to the minds of officers that causes domestic violence to be so prevalent.


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