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Rush Limbaugh is Dead! Should We Mourn Him?

The short answer: “Hell, no!”

So far the responses to Limbaugh’s death have been more or less along the lines of the following:

Foxtard “conservatives”: “If only Rush has lived 2000 years earlier, he could have been one of Christ’s apostles.”

Mainstream neoliberals: “He was talented and did a lot for broadcasting but, regrettably, he was a Republican.”

Libertarians: “He was a statist authoritarian but at least he promoted the work of libertarians like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.”

Leftists: “He was a racist, sexist, homophobic, ablist, fascist douchebag who lacked empathy, kindness, altruism…rot in hell.”

The leftist response comes closest to the truth but even their reaction has been too tame. Most of them are not pointing out what was really the worst about Limbaugh. Even if he had never uttered a Howard Sterneseque bromide of “insensitivity” as a means of pandering to his Archie Bunkeresque audience in his entire career, he was still the Joseph Goebbels of the alliance between the Bush crime family, CIA torturers, the Saudi royal family, the Likud Party, AIPAC, Raytheon and other “merchants of death,” the banksters, the Republican donor class, the oil barons, the agribusiness cartel, the insurance cartel, carceral profiteers, and virtually every other scumbag he could possibly suck up to.

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