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The Answer is to Reject Authoritarianism

By Derrick Broze


So I have had some weeks to reflect on what happened on January 6 at the Capitol. I have watched countless hours of footage, podcasts, heard what the MSM and the indy media, and conservative media had to say.

My conclusion:

While describing it as an insurrection might not be accurate, it was definitely an attempt to overthrow the results of the election and people involved definitely had it in mind to “storm the capitol”.

While there is evidence of potential agent provocateurs, when you watch all of the available footage there is simply too many people breaking the doors down and roaming around the capitol to attempt to claim it was all cops/antifa/agents etc. (Obviously, the vast majority of people didn’t call for violence or act violent.)

My question for those who are still downplaying what happened is this: would you respond the same if we saw the exact same thing from BLM, AntiFa or any other left leaning groups? I doubt it.

My main issue with the whole event is that rather than these people actually fighting to abolish government or return the power to the people, they were calling to preserve government by helping keep a tyrant in power. The answer is not to embrace the previous tyrant or the newly minted one.

The answer is to reject authoritarianism, worship of authority, and the violence that is government.

– Derrick Broze

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