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Actress given the sack for social media post citing biblical verses about homosexuality

What’s interesting about this case from England is that the offender is not some football hooligan with a BNP membership but a young African woman who is probably either an immigrant or the descendent of very recent immigrants. Look for more conflicts of this kind as the size of population groups originating from cultures where the prevailing norms are less than PC increases in the predominantly “liberal” nations.

By Ferdie Rous, Catholic Herald

The case of a Christian actress removed from a lead role in a play over a bible-citing Facebook post has gone to an employment tribunal in London.

With the support of the Christian Legal Centre Seyi Omooba, 26, is suing Leicester Curve Theatre and her former agent, Global Artists Agency, who dropped her after the controversy, for discrimination and breach of contract.

Omooba rejected Curve Theatre’s offer to pay her the wages she would have received for the performance. She has requested a formal and public ruling that the theatre acted unlawfully and discriminated against her for her Christian beliefs.


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