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QAnon’s ‘Great Awakening’ failed to materialize. What’s next could be worse

While I have always rejected, and continue to reject, the view that Trump was a “fascist” (as opposed to a low-rent Nixon), I do see certain potential dangers regarding right-wing authoritarianism. The cult-like sectors of the right-wing could potentially be marshaled in an authoritarian, statist direction by a competent demagogue or effective authoritarian leader (for example, someone comparable to Erdogan, Orban, Bolsonaro, or Duterte). Of course, these “cult-right” groups could also move in an anti-statist, retreatist, separatist direction which could potentially be tactically advantageous. A QAnon version of the Benedict Option is not necessarily undesirable.

A similar, though probably not as immediate, danger exists on the “far-left.” Increasingly widening class divisions, growing poverty, and ongoing cultural and ethnic conflict could potentially produce a US version of Robert Mugabe or Fidel Castro (and, no, defacto moderate Republican Barack Obama was no such figure). Check out the works of Ibram X. Kendi (as an example) or James Lindsay (as a critique) if you want to know where the dangers are from the authoritarian left. Of course, a “left-wing extremism” that moves in an anti-state, retreatist, separatist direction (like CHAZ) would potentially be right on the money.

However, the main danger at present comes from the establishment center as the ruling class works to consolidate its position and eliminate opposition. Our main enemies at present are not “fascists” or “communists” but supposed “centrists” (i.e. ruling class overlords).

By Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian

Shortly before Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, Dave Hayes – a longtime QAnon influencer who goes by the name Praying Medic – posted a photo of dark storm clouds gathering over the US Capitol on the rightwing social media platform Gab. “What a beautiful black sky,” he wrote to his 92,000 followers, appending a thunderclap emoji.

The message was clear to those well-versed in QAnon lore: “the Storm” – the day of reckoning when Donald Trump and his faithful allies in the military would declare martial law, round up all their many political enemies, and send them to Guantánamo Bay for execution by hanging – was finally here. 20 January 2021 wouldn’t mark the end of Trump’s presidency, but the beginning of “the Great Awakening”.


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