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Jimmy Dore Boogaloo Boys Interview Sparks Outrage Among Critics: ‘You’re a Sucker’

This keeps getting better. Apparently, Dore has the Twitterati outraged. I know very little about this “boogaloo” movement. But assuming this guy that Dore interviewed is at all serious or representative of their movement, I’d say he’s more or less right on the money. He talks about the same kind of stuff I’ve been talking about for 25 years. This Dore/Boogaloo controversy seems to be important because it’s apparently having the effect of bringing many of the ideas we’ve been discussing here at ATS into the mainstream conversation. What’s most amusing is the way that “progressives” have suddenly become good conservatives in response: “They’re against the constitution!” Next up: Ana Kasparian and Sam Seder appear on Sean Hannity to discuss the boogaloo anarchist threat to blue lives and the American way of life, lol.

By Ewan Palmer, Newsweek

Comedian turned controversial political commentator Jimmy Dore has been criticized after he featured a member of the far-right Boogaloo Bois on his podcast.

Dore promoted the largely uncritical interview with the militia member Magnus Panvidya by tweeting: “I interviewed a member of the Boogaloo Boys [sic], I was completely floored when he said he is: Pro LGBTQ, Pro Black Lives Matter, Anti Police Brutality, Anti Racism, Anti ICE, Anti War WTF?!?!”

During the episode, Dore opens the show by assuming that Panvidya “is genuine” when he expresses a number of liberal views and calls for unity with the Left despite being a member of an extremist movement.


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