Month: December 2020

Is Society Collapsing?

By Kirkpatrick Sale, Counterpunch Twenty-five years ago, when the high-tech Second Industrial Revolution had just begun, I made a bet with an editor from Wired magazine that global society led by the United States would collapse in the year 2020 from a confluence of causes created by modern […]

Lockdown Critique from the Left

By Pella Libertas A specter is haunting civilization. The specter of Covid 19. For a year the world as we knew it has been plunged into a state of economic shock. By the recommendations of unelected Health Experts, Epidemiologists, the CDC, and the World Health Organization, social gatherings […]

The Neo-Jacobin & New-Left Alliance

A Marxist critique of middle-class radicalism. The way I would frame the question is like this: neoliberalism is the ideology of the right-wing of the ruling class. Progressivism/social democracy is the ideology of the left-wing of the middle-class. Marxism is the ideology of the left-wing of the proletariat. […]

Leftist critique of the Decolonization movement

Because I am a 100% proponent of indigenous peoples’ rights, I am often accused of promoting “indigenous nationalism” by leftoidal “anarchists.” I tend to reject both SJWish decolonization theory, which aims to steer indigenous movements toward “cultural Marxism” (and therefore toward being tools for neoliberalism),  and the conventional […]

The Folly of Anarchism

An interesting critique of anarchism from a medievalist, throne and altar, Eastern Orthodox perspective. It’s always interesting and a good plan to see what “the other side” has to say. Btw, folks, this is what true conservatism looks like, not the know-nothing shit being dished out by FOX […]

Debunking Myths of ‘Red-Brown’ Alliances

It’s been rather interesting to watch the so-called “left” embrace both hysterical right-wingophobia and neo-McCarthyism at the same time. By Max Parry, Countercurrents Recently, a certain political concept has been resurrected that warrants interrogation. The notion of a ‘red-brown’ alliance has been thrown around so ubiquitously as a […]

The Nature of Parliamentary Parties

By Larry Gambone There is unhappiness among many Green Party of Canada supporters that the “establishment” candidate won the leadership. This after the GPC “establishment” weighed in against the eco-socialist candidates. There is also the generations-long failed attempts to drag the NDP to the left, an act of […]

The Well-Dressed Anarchist

By Faye Hirsch, Art News Félix Fénéon (1861–1944) is best known today as the effete dandy—top hat, gloves and cane in one hand, the other delicately tendering a cyclamen—in what Paul Signac called a “painted biography” of his dear friend. Considered one of the Museum of Modern Art’s […]

An Anarchist Guide to Christmas

By Ruth Kinna It’s no surprise to discover that anarchist theorist Pyotr Kropotkin was interested in Christmas. In Russian culture, St. Nicholas (Николай Чудотворец) was revered as a defender of the oppressed, the weak and the disadvantaged. Kropotkin shared the sentiments. But there was also a family link. […]

The Mortalities of Lockdowns

It’s fairly obvious that the function of the lockdowns has been to protect the health of the affluent classes on the backs of the poor and working classes, and while facilitating a looting spree by the most influential sectors of the capitalist class, with the powers of the […]

The Case for Universal Service

Some quack makes the case for slavery. By Vicki Robin, Great Transition In Your Money or Your Life, Joe Dominguez and I present an approach to earning, spending, and saving aimed at liberating the mind (spirituality), enabling creativity in need fulfillment (DIY, resourcefulness), and freeing time from paid […]