Month: December 2020

‘Pathetic’: Congress Passes Covid Relief Bill With Billions in Gifts for the Wealthy, $600 Checks for the Working Class

By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams In late-night votes just hours after nearly 5,600 pages of legislative text were released, the U.S. Congress on Monday approved trillions of dollars worth of government funding and coronavirus relief that will temporarily avert a catastrophic expiration of key benefits, send $600 direct […]

Trump Is Losing His Mind

This is news? By Peter Wehner, The Atlantic Donald Trump’s descent into madness continues. The latest manifestation of this is a report in The New York Times that the president is weighing appointing the conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell, who for a time worked on his legal team, to […]

The Fight for the Soul of Seattle

The problem I have with this video is that it seems to be a variation of the standard Tucker Carlson/Sean Hannity “liberals are ruining our cities” line. As class relations and general economic conditions in the US increasingly resemble the “Third World” model, conditions in US cities are […]

Dear Biden Voter…

Debunking the presumptions of liberal democracy should be the main intellectual project of anarchists in the modern world. The majority of the world’s nations are now liberal democracies, and all of the developed countries. In the ancient world, the royals were worshipped as gods (which still takes place […]

Congress Got Paid Their Full Salary of $130K for 9 Months While they Argued About Giving Every American $600 of Their Own Money

Why we need more rather than less rioting. By Jim Hoft, YourNews.Com While Americans suffered Nancy was getting her hair done. Then Nancy delayed any assistance to working Americans following the government initiated coronavirus lockdowns until after the elections. And now nine months later our betters in the […]

Anarchism, Libertarianism and Environmentalism: Anti-Authoritarian Thought and the Search for Self-Organizing Societies

By Damian Finbar White and Gideon Kossoff Few intellectual currents have played as influen-tial a role in the development and shaping of mod-ern environmentalism as the anarchist andlibertarian tradition of social and political thought.Generalizations about common ideological rootsto a politics as diverse and internally divided asenvironmentalism are of […]