Month: December 2020

Kick the Puppy Season 2: EP 01

Keith, Emma & RJ 01/01/21 – We’re back in business, historic spike in drug overdose deaths under COVID-19, governor Sisolak shut down Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the least sober place on the planet, Carl Jung and the origins of mental illness, Don Wells just died of […]

Rand Paul – $600 Stimulus Checks

I have to disagree with Rand on this. I generally oppose any kind of “economic reform” that involves raising any new taxes, passing any new laws, or creating any new government agencies. But all wealth and resources that are possessed by the state amount to ill-gotten gains achieved […]

What Is the State?

The first objective of any kind of anarchism worthy of the name has to be the dispersal of power. Too many anarchists put the cart before the horse and become theoretical anarchists but functional social democrats or Marxists in practice (or functional Republicans in the case of ancaps […]

What I Learned From the Left

A symposium of paleoconservative scholars discusses the leftist works they most admire. By Mark G. Brennan, Pedro Gonzalez, Paul Gottfried, Alexander Riley, Robert L. Paquette, Stephen B. Presser, Chronicles In The Politics of Prudence, Russell Kirk dismissed the notion of conservatism grounding itself in a single foundational text. Since […]

The Mellon Foundation Goes Woke

The heirs of the Mellon banking dynasty, which goes back to the colonial period if not earlier, embrace the latest ruling class self-legitimating ideology. Right on schedule. By George Liebmann and Andrew Balio Not to be outdone by The New York Times‘ 1619 Project, the Mellon Foundation recently […]

COVID-19 Mutual Aid

It’s Going Down Indigenous Mutual Aid: Indigenous Mutual Aid: An information and support network with an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist framework. We exist to inspire and empower autonomous Indigenous relief organizing in response to COVID-19. We seek to grow the organizing of this effort into a collective hub of […]