Month: December 2020

Where’s the Hitler?

By CJ Hopkins, Consent Factory All right, that’s it. I’ve run out of patience. No more excuses. Where’s the Hitler? Yes, you heard me. I’m talking to you. You respectable journalists and political pundits. You Intelligence officials and politicians. You fanatical liberals. You pseudo anti-fascists. All you members […]

Anarchism and Non-Domination

By Ruth Kinna and Alex Prichard In this paper we recover the classical anarchist deployment of republican tropes of non-domination, tyranny and slavery, to expose the conservative limits of the contemporary neo-Roman republican revival. For the anarchists, the modern nation state and the institution of private property are […]

The Country with Zero COVID deaths

An interesting aspect of the pandemic has been the way so many left-leaning anarchists and libertarians have uncritically embraced the proclamations of “experts,” apparently forgetting the Frankfurt School critique of scientism and the Foucauldian critique of the therapeutic state. And many right-leaning libertarians have become all-purposes contrarians. By […]

Vanguards and Paternalism

By Benjamin Franks Paternalism has long been a contentious subject in moral and political philosophy. Analyses, however, have tended to be restricted to questions concerning the legitimacy of governmental, or quasi-governmental, paternalistic action. The debate, thus, is largely limited to a contest between two positions: that of modern […]