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Pro-Trump election conspiracist arrested for pulling gun on repairman in bogus vigilante ‘sting’

Yahoo News!

A former Houston police captain has been arrested after running a man off the road and holding him at gunpoint in an attempt to prove his 2020 election conspiracy theories.

The incident occurred in Harris County, Texas on Tuesday when Mark Anthony Aguirre, 63, ran his SUV into the back of a truck he suspected of hiding hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots. When the technician pulled off the road and left his truck, Mr Aguirre allegedly pointed a handgun at the man, forced him to the ground, and put a knee on his back.

Another suspect who police have not identified took the truck to a nearby parking lot. Police arrived at the scene and arrested Mr Aguirre. The truck was filled with air conditioning parts, as the driver was a repairman.

Mr. Aguirre told police he carried out the action on behalf of a group of private citizens called “Liberty Centre.”


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