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News Flash! Radicalism On The Right!

This is an interesting comment from Dreher. It is interesting how the different sides view themselves as merely defending their own right to go about their business and not bother anyone, and not be oppressed by (pick one) government, corporations, racists, leftists, fascists, cops, do-gooders, etc.

If I got a phone call or e-mail from a mainstream journalist wanting to talk to me about the radicalization of the Religious Right, I wouldn’t do it. This is not because I have nothing to say about it — I manifestly do, and have spent the last few days writing acres about it. It’s because I don’t want to participate in their sham depiction of religious people and conservative people as dangerous radicals — which some are — when they never write or broadcast anything about how the Left pushes and pushes and pushes, and is never satisfied until they make it damn near impossible for the rest of us to hold jobs, get an education, pursue a livelihood, affirm and seek to live out our religious beliefs in peace, be proud of our ancestors and this country, and on and on.

By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

I’m sorry that I didn’t write more today. I’ve got a hard deadline on a long essay due on Tuesday, and as is usual for me, when I don’t have unlimited length, I have to decide what to cut — and it’s difficult! It is much harder to write 2,500 words than 6,000, because I lack discipline. So it’s always a rush to the last minute to make the thing say what it needs to say. One frenzied morning in 2013, I wrote a 6,000-word blog post about Dante in a single sitting at a Starbucks, over the course of a morning. My wife saw it before I got home, and worried that I had had some kind of mental break. No indeed — when I get into the groove, I go. That blog post was the seed of a book published two years later (a book that because of some publishing snafus, I had to write from start to final version in, get this, three months).


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