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You’re Immoral? You’re Fired!

An ongoing debate that I have with a number of socially conservative friends is over the question of whether our society has fallen into free-wheeling decadence. My view is that we are the same moralistic prigs we always were, only about different things, and even the differences aren’t that profound. If anything, we’ve found more things to be moralistic about.

A reader writes:

I work for a non-profit community arts organization who is working towards instituting a morality clause for its paid staff.  Now granted, morality clauses aren’t new, and I know they are often standard clauses for churches, religious organizations and institutions who at times have abused them in nefarious ways.

It looks like they are beginning to appear in contracts for secular organizations, beyond just record labels/film entertainment/professional sports due to social media/cancel culture and the importance of image/branding for employers. (i.e. bad publicity affects their bottom line.)
I found this video really helpful:
At 1:53 she mentions how morality clauses may now be applied beyond breaking the law, to apply more broadly to individuals asserting certain viewpoints/ways of thinking and goes on to talk about how important it is to protect yourself by making sure the language is really specific and being really careful to only align yourself with organizations that have the same values.
This does not bode well for anyone, regardless of your politics or beliefs. Institutions or companies seeking to force their agendas on employees could use these against religious, irreligious, conservative, liberal-anyone, as long as a person fails to embrace their values or way of thinking. (And the past has shown this to be true.) If (more likely when) these start to move past the arts into other areas, polarization will worsen and people will be forced to entrench themselves further into their own tribes.  I don’t know if people are thinking about these things, I know I wasn’t until now.
Is anyone else dealing with this?

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