Month: September 2020

Electoral politics

The folks at Anarchist News are attempting to initiate a discussion. Anarchist News It’s that time of year again, on repeat every four years; where in a little more than a month, the spectacle of the USA presidential election will take place live over the virtual stream of […]

Unity 2020: Why the Lesser Evil?

If I had to identify any way in which my views have shifted over the years, it would probably be that I have largely moved away from the idea of a far-left/far-right “third position” type of tactical framework toward more of a revolutionary centrist one. The far-right and […]

Do Libertarians Have Any Idea What’s Going On?

I would actually agree with Pakman’s critique of the Koch-model of libertarianism and suggest that political decentralization must necessarily be accompanied by economic decentralization. But where this commentary goes wrong is with its failure to recognize the role of national governments in creating the transnational corporate and financial […]

BLM’s Hitlerian Heart

My main criticism of the Left is its failure to recognize the centuries-long history of leftist genocides, massacres, purges, repression, and authoritarianism. Most leftists treat this as a side issue at best, even they acknowledge the issue at all. Too many holocaust-deniers on the Left. By David Cole […]