Month: September 2020

Anti-Woke Executive Order

One thing that is particularly concerning is the way that many critics of “wokeness” (totalitarian humanism, which is the manifestation of postmodern critical theory) have embraced Trumpism (e.g. this #Walkaway movement) or, even worse, drifted toward the neocons (like the circle around David Rubin). Of course, equally pathetic […]

How Financialization Killed GE

This is a pretty good illustration of how industrial/managerial capitalism has undergone the transition to financial/digital capitalism. Benjamin Tucker demonstrated over century ago how to go about attacking all of this. Attack patent, copyright, and intellectual property law. Attack the currency monopoly and the centralization of control over […]

Smash the Oligarchy

For some time, I have thought that The American Conservative is the most “left-wing” of any mainstream US publication. TAC is a lot closer to Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin or even Dwight McDonald, Gore Vidal, and Normal Mailer than the FOX News creeps. Most formally “liberal” or […]

The Anarchist Case for Small Business

Remember that Commies have always denounced anarchists as “petite bourgeoisie.” By Will Collins The American Conservative It’s been a brutal year for locally owned shops and restaurants. The COVID-19 outbreak and the accompanying lockdowns shuttered storefronts and exiled customers. Pandemic relief efforts aimed at small businesses were ruthlessly […]

Greek City-States

When looking at alternative political models, the one that I keep coming back to is ancient Greece. Many anarchists will cite models like communes that only existed in isolated enclaves for brief periods, as opposed to systems like the Greek cities, the Holy Roman Empire, the Ottoman millet […]