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Inside the Completely Nutso Universe of QAnon

Maybe I’m missing something, but from what I’ve read about QAnon so far, the only things they seem to be guilty of are slight exaggerations and not knowing when to quit.

It looks like the Republicans are splitting between the fringe right and those who are essentially becoming Democrats.

By Will Sommer

The Daily Beast

The deranged QAnon conspiracy theory movement came close to a presidential endorsement this week when Donald Trump praised the group as “people that love our country,” while refusing to disavow their bizarre beliefs, which include a faith that he’ll eventually arrest and execute his political opponents.

Trump’s remarks were the latest, and perhaps most alarming, illustration of the gains QAnon adherents have made within the GOP even as the FBI warns that it’s a potential domestic terror movement.

But even as more people embrace QAnon—and as its believers are poised to win at least one congressional seat—much of the public remains unaware exactly what it means to believe in QAnon, why anyone should care about the movement, or what QAnon could mean for American politics.

The following is a helpful explanation of the rot taking hold in our political system.


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