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Why Social Justice is Dangerous – James Lindsay

This is definitely a must-watch.  Lindsay calls out everyone in this: the Left, Right, Trump, etc. James is an atheist, a Scandinavian-style social democrat, and a cultural libertarian with a Ph.D. in mathematics. He points out how the “social justice” ideology is a three-headed hybrid of radical egalitarianism, critical theory, and postmodernism that rejects the Enlightenment liberal tradition.  He suggests that a right-wing backlash against hyper-wokeness is possible, with the potential for a civil war. James also points out authoritarian tendencies demonstrated by Trump, such as trying to staff the federal bureaucracy with cronies and yes-men. He speculates that the woke movement is being steered by those who don’t really believe in it but have a sinister agenda of their own. Yes!

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