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Barr: The left ‘believes in tearing down the system’

He says that like it’s a bad thing. If only it were true. Actually, most “leftists” are far too soft on the system.

By Justin Wise

The Hill

Attorney General William Barr on Sunday voiced scathing criticism of the Democratic Party, claiming the left was trying to tear down the United States’ institutions in a pursuit for “total victory.”

The comments came in an expansive one-hour interview with Fox News Host Mark Levin that touched on subjects including Barr’s recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, the Black Lives Matter protests and the expansion of mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked about Democrats’ accusations against him at the recent hearing, Barr said that it was a reflection of how partisan politics have become in recent decades. He zeroed in on Democrats for this change, alleging that the party has “withdrawn and pulled away from the umbrella of classical liberal values that have undergirded our society since our founding.”


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