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Riots of Peace Hit the Portland ‘Burbs

I’m obviously much more “pro-protestor” than Styx (who is a “guns and taxes” type of right-libertarian) but he has a point when he says that as conventional protests have faded more hooligan-types have started to become more prevalent in protest zones. Not that I am particularly worried about it. For 25 years, we’ve had the “quality of life” and “broken windows” model of policing. A little bit of disorder is a welcome change.

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  1. Along with the Damaged DNA of the White Rabble, Black Gangster Rappers, Assorted Street Thugs of various stripes, Che Guevara Marxist wannabe’s what did you expects ?
    You support of the Useful Idiots is disingenuous, they just haven’t reached your door yet. Your LIBERTARIAN ETHOS will be sorely tested should that senario unfold….😁

    • It actually has reached my door. I’ve watched riots, street protests, looting, people setting fires in the street, etc. from my window. It’s not much different from the brawls I would see at sports events, rock concerts, and pro-wrestling matches as a kid. Good entertainment is good entertainment.

      Although I do share some of the criticisms you have voiced. The main criticism I would have of the uprising would be the predictable one. Too often, it has gotten sidetracked with the usual culture war/race war line that is pushed by the PC left in a way that allows for easy co-optation by the left-wing of the capitalist class and the professional-managerial class. So, yes, many within the insurgency or protest movement are making themselves into “useful idiots” in that respect, although that is hardly the whole picture of what is going on. All of that is merely a facet within the wider lumpen proletarian insurrection against the state and the ruling class, and the black/minority/underclass uprising against the police state generally.

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