Month: July 2020

Anarchism and Dealing With Leftism

A simple but direct video that deals with a basic problem. The speaker describes how anarchists need to establish an independent position that is separate from the Left, Right, and Third Position. I’ve tried working with all three over the past three decades, and all three are generally […]

CHAZ Memorial and Support Video

A Maoist memorializes CHAZ. In some ways, I generally considered having supported CHAZ to be something of a litmus test that separates authentic anti-systemists from pro-systemists. Notice that CHAZ was suppressed by the city government of Seattle, arguably the furthest left of any local government in the US, […]

What do leftists really want America to be?

A couple of traditional conservatives provide a pretty good discussion of what the rising forces of totalitarian humanism actually are, i.e. opportunists that will make common cause with the Deep State, the capitalist class, and the military-industrial complex in order to obtain power while repressing, subordinating, or purging […]

Michael Brooks on Defending History

This is an interesting discussion of the Intellectual Dark Web from a Jacobin left perspective. The fundamental flaw in Michael Brooks’ thinking is his view that you can have a massive welfare and regulatory state without having a parallel military, police, and prison state. Of course, these kinds […]

Interview: Aleksey Bashtavenko on Russia

Todd Lewis is joined by Keith Preston to interview Aleksey Bashtavenko, a Russian expatriate about his thoughts on Russia and global politics. A great critique of American culture and politics is contained in this, along with an examination of the retrograde character of Bolshevism and a debunking of […]