Month: July 2020

The Right to Revolt

“Trump wanted a war on social unrest and the social unresters brought him more than he and his pigs could fucking handle. Forget our rigged election circus. This is how real democracy happens. Poor people coming together in the streets to smash the chains of tyranny. Now this […]

How to Fight Totalitarian Humanism

James Lindsay outlines the intellectual trajectory of totalitarian humanism, political correctness, wokeness, cultural Marxism, whatever one wants to call it, pretty thoroughly in this, although I would add more emphasis on 19th century Progressive Christianity and Maoism during the Cultural Revolution period than what he mentions. He focuses […]

First Nations leaders speak out against Canada’s refusal to allow appeal of Trans Mountain Pipeline approval

Last Real Indians Kinder-Morgan’s application for approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion (TMX) has been bouncing around in Canada’s federal courts like a pinball since 2013. First Nations tribes and environmental groups have valiantly worked the flippers of the judicial pinball machine for years, filing lawsuits and […]

Get the Fuck Out of Afghanistan!

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley This is the part of the horror movie where the plot collapses beneath the weight of one too many clichés. Having already gruesomely dispatched all the more promiscuous teens, the knife wielding masked psychopath has cornered the chaste […]

The Proud Boys vs. The Boogaloo Boys

The Anti-Jerk Off Club mixes it up with the Hawaiian shirt guys. By Deliverance During a rally at the Ohio Statehouse, with tensions rising; an altercation broke out during a protest between a member of the <Redacted> Movement (known for their floral hawiian shirts and protesting while armed) […]

The Diversity Of Black Political Views

People are individuals, not colors. “…among self-identified Democrats, blacks and Latinos are less likely to describe themselves as liberal than whites. Data from this AP/NORC poll comports with Pew’s findings: The majority of blacks say they are moderate (44 percent) or conservative (27 percent), while just 26 percent […]

Police use chemical agents, flash bangs to disperse crowd outside RPD headquarters after city dump truck is set on fire

This is currently going on in my area, lol. By Sabrina Moreno Richmond Times-Dispatch The Richmond Police Department declared an unlawful assembly just after 11 p.m. Saturday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside its downtown headquarters on West Grace Street. Shortly after that declaration, and after some […]

So Close, But Yet So Far…

I came across this recent statement from a leftist activist. The comments below were made as part of a wider argument that opposition to PC is nothing more special pleading by reactionaries who merely want to be exempt from criticism, which is the standard leftist reply to criticisms […]

The Future of Nonconformity

Some interesting observations by David Brooks, a neocon mouthpiece who occasionally has something interesting to say (his “bourgeois bohemians” thesis, for example). “Sixty-two percent of Americans say they are afraid to share things they believe, according to a poll for the Cato Institute. A majority of staunch progressives […]