Month: July 2020

“Disturbing And Demoralizing”: DHS Employees Are Worried The Portland Protest Response Is Destroying Their Agency’s Reputation

By Hamed Aleaziz Buzzfeed The Department of Homeland Security’s response to anti–police brutality protests in Portland, Oregon, has disturbed and angered many employees, who called the deployment of the federal force an unusual maneuver that could do long-term damage to the agency’s reputation. In recent days, Oregon leaders, […]

The Murder of Tony Timpa

The Tony Timpa case is a perfect example of why the standard “progressive” solution of “the present system, only with less racism” doesn’t work. Racism is only one dimension of a multi-dimensional police state. By Igor Derysh Heavy.Com Tony Timpa is a Texas man who died after being […]

“Honestly Just Idiots”

By Andrew Trump is a terrible president and demonstrates sociopathic and authoritarian tendencies. YOU’RE A DAMN LEFTIST! Biden is a terrible Democratic candidate with some serious political baggage and gaffes. YOU’RE A DAMN RIGHT WINGER! I support a fair amount of decentralization, bottom-up governance, and governments to scale […]

Denver Police Stand Down as ‘Antifa’ Paramilitary Forces Attack Michelle Malkin and Peaceful Pro-Police Demonstrators

At least “conservatives” are being educated about how pigs are worthless. Conservatives hold pro-police rally. Rally is attacked by Antifa. Popo does nothing. Revolver Conservative grassroots activist Michelle Malkin and other pro-police protestors were violently attacked by Antifa yesterday at a demonstration in Denver, Colorado. According to chilling […]

Woke Allies: You’re in Danger, Stupid

Essentially, we have a four-way fight on our hands. One against the state/ruling class/power elite. One against the far-right, and one against the far-left. A serious fourth position would involve drawing from the lumpenproletariat, the 46% percent, the radical center, the exhausted minority, disaffected reds and blues, and […]