Month: July 2020

Two Cheers for Nuclear Weapons?

Nukes have made inter-state war cost prohibitive which opens the door for the fourth-generation forces. By William S. Lind Traditional Right Several weeks ago, the world got a glimpse of what future war will look like among Great Powers. The weapons were rocks and clubs. Indian and Chinese […]

How I Became a Police Abolitionist

By Derecka Purnell The Atlantic We called 911 for almost everything except snitching. Nosebleeds, gunshot wounds, asthma attacks, allergic reactions. Police accompanied the paramedics. Our neighborhood made us sick. A Praxair industrial gas-storage facility was at one end of my block. A junkyard with exposed military airplane and […]

Year Zero

This article needs to be spread far and wide. Although I would distinguish between the actual lumpenproletarian and mostly non-ideological insurgents and the middle-class Maoist cosplayers. By Matt Taibbi It’s the Fourth of July, and revolution is in the air. Only in America would it look like this: […]

Remembering James Burnham

My biographical article on Burham for Chronicles which includes a discussion of the managerial revolution and power elite theory. Burham is a must-read for those who want to know how modern states actually work. By Keith Preston Chronicles The ideological trajectory followed by the first generation of neoconservatives, […]

What Happened In Bethel, Ohio?

When BLM came to Mayberry. By Anne Helen Petersen Buzzfeed Lois Dennis started teaching second grade in the village of Bethel, Ohio — official population just under 2,800 — back in 1976. People in town call her Mrs. Dennis. And that’s the name people used online when they […]

Imperial Exceptionalism

By Jackson Lears The New York Review of Books It is hard to give up something you claim you never had. That is the difficulty Americans face with respect to their country’s empire. Since the era of Theodore Roosevelt, politicians, journalists, and even some historians have deployed euphemisms—“expansionism,” […]