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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Identity Politics And Its Tribal Branches

Historically, the main sources of conflict other than economics and statecraft have been religion and ethno-tribal identity. In modernity, religion eventually gave way to ideology as the primary mode of thinking, in late modernity ethno-tribal identity is giving way to social identity. For example, LGBTQs essentially have the same status as an ethnic group or religion, even though they are neither. A more complex and diverse society generates an increasing number of identities, as the emergence of polyamorists, transracials, transables, otherkins, incels, etc. indicates. In the USA, the once-dominant/hegemonic WASP identity is now a cultural minority as well, and all of the different forms of identity label “reactionary” are now essentially just another kind of minority group in terms of political/cultural/social identity.

Fetishists of historic Americana, Protestant evangelicals, Confederate nostalgists, and white supremacists are increasingly just another subculture like football fans, Mormons, medieval cosplayers, or the Crips. Instead of having a society with a dominant/hegemonic culture, we are increasingly developing a society of microcultures, albeit one that is dominated by an imperial state that functions as an administrative apparatus in order to maintain an economic oligarchy. A realistic political strategy for North America should be based on the idea that today’s culture wars are merely a passing phase, and that the future of North America will be a collection of an infinite number of micro-identities under a Roman-like imperium (but with Latin American-like levels of class disparities and civil dysfunction).

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