Month: July 2020

Getting the Police Issue Right

The main limitation of most liberal and left critiques of the police state is that these are primarily limited to dubious killings of civilians, racial disparities, and official forms of “police misconduct” as conventionally defined. And usually, these critiques are limited to the municipal police. That’s a start […]

Neofeudalism: The End of Capitalism?

By Jodi Dean Los Angeles Review of Books IN CAPITAL IS DEAD, McKenzie Wark asks: What if we’re not in capitalism anymore but something worse? The question is provocative, sacrilegious, unsettling as it forces anti-capitalists to confront an unacknowledged attachment to capitalism. Communism was supposed to come after […]

Always at War with East Asia

“Another National Defense Authorization Act, another distraction. The media and politicians are going on and on about Confederate names and Republicans stripping a requirement to report foreign election assistance (bc it did so much to keep human rights abusing governments from influencing US dEmOcRaCy ). Meanwhile, the bill […]

The End of Policing

Alex Vitale’s book is probably the most comprehensive scholarly work on this topic at present. Thanks to Vince for the summary. – The origin of policing as a control mechanism for the upper class and rich to suppress the lower class and minorities. Strike breaking, enforcement of racial […]