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It’s Not a Question of Either/Or

It’s possible to answer “yes” to every question listed below while still recognizing the dangers of censorship imposed by governments, oligarchical corporations, media organizations that comprise the new clerisy, totalitarian left-wing (or right-wing) ideologies, or mob violence.

From a social media post:

Fellas, is it called canceled when your fam kicks you out for being queer?
What about when the cops kill you because of your skin color?
What about losing your dream career because a mentor whipped his dick out at you & used his connections to destroy your reputation?
Is it called canceled when you’re forced to grow up in poverty & abuse?
What about if you speak out about the abuse you see happening in your spaces/industry & are blacklisted?
What if you have a mental health episode where you’re involuntarily committed & that incident haunts you for years after?
What about having your dreams of college & career dashed because you were caught with some illegal plant residue one time?
Just wondering because it appears that in order to be “canceled” one must have already reached certain heights & I just can’t stop thinking about those who never had the chance to begin with While known predators seem to evade all accountability.


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