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Calls to remove controversial Abraham Lincoln statue in Boston

Did the Left and the neo-Confederates finally find something they can agree on? Hating on Father Abraham, lol.

By Josh Brogadir


The dismantling of controversial statues and monuments in the city of Boston is a mounting subject in the ongoing push for racial justice in the nation.

Calls to take down a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Boston’s Park Square, between the Park Plaza and the Transportation Building, are growing. The statue of President Lincoln, the Great Empancipator, is depicted with a slave on his knees.

A petition to remove the statue was spearheaded by an African American man from Boston named Tory Bullock who says he’s been seeing the statue since he was a kid.

“It says that it’s a statue that’s supposed to represent freedom. But, to me, it represents submissiveness,” Bullock said. “It represents: ‘Know your place, because that’s where you belong.'”


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