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Keep Your Guard Up

The murder of George Floyd is a real issue. The police state is a real issue. The racial disparities associated with the police state are real issues. The rebellion against the police state is long overdue. The fact that the ruling class is trying to co-opt the issues and that even dumbasses agree doesn’t negate the legitimacy of the issues. Still, when the oligarchs at least pretend to be on your side, it’s good to keep your guard up.

Image may contain: text that says 'kashiwagi @kwamurai lol floyd's corpse is parading around this country in a golden ark, whites are confessing the sin their existence to ward off the demiurge, and race- e-gnostic 'experts' are permitting mass gatherings in the name of ecstatic worship but dawkins is still worried about christians Richard @RichardDawkins Jun So JESUS is solution America's racism problem! Oh silly me, I never realised. No doubt that's why Thoughts and Prayers have proved effective. should have guessed.'

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