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Richmond leaders want Confederate monuments removed. A small-town mayor is ready to take them

The perfect solution? This is what I have said all along. Let the people who want the monuments have them and let the people who don’t want the monuments do without them. The mayor’s comments about Lenin and Stalin statues are interesting as well. “Under” pan-anarchism, a Confederate-themed backwoods town or a Communism-themed village or borough would be no different from a Jurassic Park-themed or medieval-themed intentional community.

As protesters celebrated the state’s impending removal of the Robert E. Lee memorial on Richmond’s historic Monument Avenue on Wednesday, Col. Greg Eanes made his move.

The outgoing mayor of the tiny town of Crewe, in consultation with his successor, sent a letter to Gov. Ralph Northam offering to take in the Confederate general. He’s open to Jefferson Davis, too; anything that could bring in tourism dollars to help the town pay for upgrades to a century-old water and sewer system and keep Crewe from needing to raise taxes on people who can’t afford to pay them.

“Green is the most important color,” said Eanes, 61, a retired service member who joined the Air Force after 9/11 and ultimately returned to his hometown of Crewe, a 2-square-mile slice of Nottoway County about an hour southwest of Richmond. “If I could get a statue of Lenin or Josef Stalin, I would take it.”


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