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Police chief to Trump: Please, keep your mouth shut if you can’t be constructive

Fragmentation seems to be taking place within the ranks of the state, ruling class, and state security forces. Municipal police forces and municipal governments are turning on each other. The Trump administration and the state governors are having a falling out. Some police are joining the protests. Trump has threatened to call out the military to the dismay of the top brass. Trump was taunting CNN after its headquarters in Atlanta was attacked. Big corporations are trying to co-opt the protests. The Right is blaming everything on Antifa while the Left is blaming everything white nationalists and the Russians. Even guys like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have refused to back Derek Chauvin. Apparently, they know the pigs got caught red-handed this time. Trump’s tough talk sounds about as legitimate as his WWE appearances. Biden is still in his coma.

I’ve heard a range of media commentators talk about a total breakdown of “leadership” during this time. Indeed. The System is falling apart.


Houston police chief Art Acevedo responds to President Trump telling governors to “dominate” protesters.

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  1. This fragmentation is a net win. The system falling apart under its own weight is the best thing we could hope for. It might suck for a lot of us as it’s crumbling down, but ultimately it’s for the best.

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