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Panicked Dems try to blame RUSSIA for looting, violence

That’s what the Bircher-types used to say about the urban riots of the 1960s. The Democraps are blaming the insurrection on Russians and white nationalists while Donald Milhous Trump is blaming Antifa and anarchists.

Saagar Enjeti blasts the mainstream media for identifying the riots over George Floyd’s death as Russian agenda.

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  1. It’s no wonder why people legitimately believe that (((Donald Trump))) is the Antichrist. Death to the Police & Death to Israel too, the law is always evil, All Cops Are Terrorists PERIOD, & there can only be peace when there’s no government period. Here’s a great Left Anarchist critique of Antifa from a cool dude whose name is James Desborough, a.k.a. Grim Jim.

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