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  1. I’m the same way with you, Keith Preston, alongside Nicky Reid & Natasha Marie​​. I believe only small businesses should be protected by armed patrons. Only big corporations deserve to get destroyed & looted.

  2. My younger cousin, while he studied in an university, was working in McDonalds to pay his bills and buy something.

    He told me in detail how the young men and women who worked there are treated. It was horrid, they were literally treated as slaves.

    So, I won’t shed a single tear for the corporations being looted. They had it coming.

    Also no sympathy to cops and their ilk – state(-approved) violent thugs. They had it coming even more than corporations did.

    Won’t say this about small buinesses. I sympathise with them and approve their owners’ defence (armed if needed).

    P.S. Myself, I prefer to buy from local small buinesses and not from corporate chains.

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