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White House Locked Down as Police Scuffle With Protesters Demanding Trump Resignation

This should happen with every presidential administration. An important question is this: Would the protests at the White House be taking place if Biden were President? Probably not, even though Biden is more personally responsible for the present American police state than Trump. Trump has merely inherited a system that Biden, Bill Clinton, the Bush family, Ronald Reagan, etc. helped to create.

By Jeffery Martin


The White House was placed on lockdown Friday as protesters gathered outside its gates as part of a nationwide spate of demonstrations against the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd.

Demonstrators were calling for the resignation of President Donald Trump and chanting “I can’t breathe.” Secret Service agents refused to allow people to exit the ground of the White House.

Video footage of the protests was shared on social media. Language in the videos may be deemed objectionable by some readers. In one video, Secret Service agents on the scene were spotted detaining protesters.


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