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The Battle for the 3rd Precinct: A personal account

By Anon

Anarchist News

When I arrived in the afternoon at 3rd precinct the vibe was jovial as thousands of people chilled around a burning car campfire in the bombed out Target mini-mall. With the backdrop of a waterfall pouring out of the charred skeleton of a massive torched two-story housing development, people celebrated their success and how surreal the entire situation was. Packed vehicles with folks hanging out the windows weaved through the Target parking-lot yelling, “Fuck 12!” blaring Lil Boosie’s “Fuck the police” – a song that’s become default to Midwest riot culture.

As the sun went down the mood shifted towards rage as the 3rd precinct siege began in earnest. Eventually, the building was smashed and broken into. In a last ditch effort to hold their territory, the pigs huddled in cowardice towards the back of the police station and lobbed tear gas into the wrath-swollen crowds of combatants. Fed-up and in the mood for a fight, the free people of the north pelted the ill-equipped enemy with projectiles behind make shift plywood shield-walls as they slowly overwhelmed the pigs. With munitions likely running low and no options left aside from a strategic yet pathetic retreat, nothing remained to contest the takeover. The precinct was taken.


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