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‘Disaster waiting to happen’: Thousands of inmates released as jails and prisons face coronavirus threat

Not all news is bad. Prisoner releases/revolts. Moratoriums on arrests. Universities going online. K-12 schools closing. Debt revolts brewing. Demands for worker/small business bailouts.  Ruling class malevolence and government incompetence fully exposed. Let’s turn the global pandemic into a global revolutionary battle.

By Kimberly Kindy, Emma Brown and Dalton Bennett

Washinton Post

Amid fears that the coronavirus will carve a deadly path through prisons and jails, counties and states are releasing thousands of inmates — New Jersey alone began freeing hundreds of people this week — and the federal prison system is coming under intense pressure to take similar measures.

Public health and corrections officials have issued dire warnings that cramped and unsanitary conditions could turn prisons into a haven for the virus, endangering not just inmates but also corrections officers and prison health-care workers as well as their families and communities.

Criminal-justice reform advocates from across the political spectrum urged President Trump on Tuesday to use his clemency power to commute the sentences of inmates eligible for “compassionate release” and others who could be at risk, particularly the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions.


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