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  1. “Rebellions”, “movements”, “activists” etc. are all code-words for brainwashed losers. If you take the system and society seriously enough that you think organized effort can improve it you’ve already failed in your logic. Society is trash, normies are trash, avoidance and secession – not some queer-ass ‘restore the Republic’ MAGA-Pinko scam – is the only solution. If you are not a retard you will recognize that normies are fundamnetally unsuited for mass society and any ‘revolution’ or ‘rebellion’ or election will only result in shuffling from one set of stupid ideas to another or, more commonly, a change of rhetoric that actually has no effect. Normie society can not be fixed because its constituent members are the problem. You want to save the world? Create a genocidal viral weapon that kills anyone with an IQ less than 140 and targets a host of genes that predict agreeability, conformism, etc. Otherwise you’re just taking trash from one bin and putting it in another bin.

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