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Relative Threats: The ADL and Extremist Murders in 2017

This is a pretty good debunking of the claim that there has somehow been an epidemic of extremist murders in recent times. Read the full critique here.

So the actual evidence shows that some ideological extremists are also mentally unstable or sketchy people in general, who end up getting involved in violence, whether as a perpetrator or a victim. Who could’ve guessed?

And that of all the violent crimes that take place in the USA, the percent of those that are committed by ideological extremists is so small it also has be viewed under a microscope. Even if the ADL’s methodology is taken at face value, 34 out of 17284 homicides in 2017 is just a drop in the bucket. Most violent crime is committed by gangs, ordinary street criminals, people involved in domestic violence, the mentally ill, and is intra-racial rather than interracial. Apparently, most murders committed by racists are intra-racial rather than interracial as well. The ADL and SPLC are about as reliable as Benny Hinn. However, I don’t really think the author of that piece helps his case by concluding with this statement:

“It is no longer hyperbole to suggest that millions of Americans now hold a favorable view of socialism–an ideology that, if implemented, would be fundamentally incompatible with a constitutional republic, private property, and the rule of law.”

It’s not true that actual socialism has any real following in the US. Most people that I’ve ever known who called themselves “socialists” typically were just people who wanted Canadian single-payer healthcare and European free universities, not a nationalized, centrally planned economy with the means of production owned by the state. This is an interesting video by an actual Communist who ironically debunks the idea that the Sanders/Ocasia-Cortez types are real “socialists” as opposed to ordinary Rooseveltian liberals. Also, ironically this guy’s videos attacks SJWs with the same verocity as the alt-right, lol.

George Hawley has been pretty good at pointing out what the present day polarization is really about. It’s more Yankees vs Red Sox than the Weimar Republic. Read his explanation here.

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